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There is more to Digital Transformation than bolting new technologies onto current systems.Customer Experience at the heart of Digital TransformationApproved
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Aussie/SA Partnership to boost Cape Town revenue by millionsAussie/SA partnership to boost Cape Town revenue by millionsApproved
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Mithum Singh takes centre stage at the Global Contact Centre Awards in Las VegasSouth African professional takes centre stage at Global Contact Centre Awards in VegasApproved
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why your customers want your personal attentionInfographic | Your customers want your personal attentionApproved
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Personalisation is a key differentiator in customer serviceOpinion piece | Your Customers want your personal attentionApproved
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How to deal with a brand crisis caused by poor customer serviceOpinion Piece | How to deal with a brand crisis caused by poor customer serviceApproved
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Infographic| how to deal with a brand crisis caused by poor customer serviceInfographic | How to deal with a brand crisis caused by poor customer serviceApproved
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Will we see 'pop-up' contact centres in the future? Opinion Piece | Disrupting the normApproved
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Merchants deploys a simulation centre at Harambee Youth Employment AcceleratorBetter equipped agents, mean better customer serviceApproved
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We partner with Columba Leadership to make an impact to the youth unemployment situation.Addressing youth unemployment and building #FutureLeadersApproved
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​You need a single-minded approach to multidimensional communicationsOpinion piece | You need a single minded approach to multidimensional communicationsApproved
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​To outsource your contact centre – or notOpinion piece | When to outsource your contact centreApproved
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