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Are You A Customer Experience Dinosaur?

Last Modified: 20/12/2017

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Customer experience (CX) has become a key differentiator in today’s digital world. As consumers have access to multiple touch points, they have become accustomed to increasingly personalised interactions. The average customer experience today is not what it was just ten years ago. Has your brand adopted a modern strategic approach to CX, or are you still adhering to outdated methodologies?

Customer experience transcends customer service

Many companies still measure their overall customer experience solely by the efficiency of their customer service. Competent staff can be amiable, close deals efficiently and have a high conflict resolution rate, but sales figures, brand loyalty or customer retention may still be declining. This is because customer service interactions only provide a partial view of a brand’s overall customer experience.

 Not all customers will actively complain about a product or service, meaning a company could be losing many customers to bad CX without even realising it. 

You need to take every potential touch point into consideration, including:

  • Physical store locations
  • Social Media platforms
  • Brand website

Customer experience is without boundaries

Company processes don’t define CX strategies. It’s actually the other way around, as customer expectations shape how processes lead to a single outcome: satisfaction. The still prevalent siloed approach to process management can make it difficult to achieve this single resolution. Organisations need to rethink their approach from the ground up. Customer experience must be the heart of every strategic decision to ensure that each department approaches the customer journey with the same key information and following the same set of rules. 

From pre-purchase to aftermarket care, your brand’s processes must run parallel to the customer journey to ensure the best experience. Collaboration and full integration will result in a consistent customer experience.

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Customer experience is also about people and infrastructure

Any process is only as good as its weakest link. An organisation that struggles to keep employee engagement high will find it difficult to achieve CX excellence. Workforce management may be lacking in some respects, such as:

  • Choice of staff
  • Training methodology
  • Shift scheduling
  • Internal communication
  • Poor leadership

Having ill-equipped, poorly trained and unmotivated people will only compound issues relating to CX. Touch points will be sluggish and inefficient, sending customers from agent to agent and creating a frustrating journey.

Furthermore, legacy infrastructure will make it even harder for your agents to ensure the best customer experience possible. In this digital age, an omni-channel and cross-functional platform is a must. An organisation needs to implement innovative solutions to ensure their contact centre go above and beyond industry standards. This will increase productivity and have a positive impact on CX.

CX starts with analytics

The easiest way to ensure optimal ROI is to measure your success. Many businesses do track CSAT metrics, but not always the right ones. Business outcomes and a clear definition of customer expectations will define what needs to be monitored. But how it is being monitored is equally important. Often, the information is fragmented, managed in silos and not aggregated or normalised. Sometimes tracking doesn’t happen at all. Sound analytics are the best way to gain insight into how customer expectations and business KPIs relate to each other, and help develop a durable and consistent CX.

It is never too late for a company to put new measures in place to achieve a better CX experience. Choosing the right partner can simplify this process and improve ROI.  Merchants offers consulting services catered to the needs of their clients based tried-and-tested methodologies, smart use of insights, and years of industry-spanning experience.

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